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  • TAILORING Unique Curricula for Every Student
  • EMBRACING All Skill Levels
  • Universal Language Support with Portable AI Device

All Classes are Conducted In-Person in Japan

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Hiroaki Uto

Meet Hiroaki Uto, Principal of the Academy of Japanese Culinary Innovations and CEO of BRINGUP Japan.

With a remarkable journey, he's founded short-term cooking schools, led a multi-brand restaurant enterprise, and made Michelin Guide history. Now, he actively influences the Japanese culinary world through media and global chef production.

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Wakako Takamatsu

Meet Wakako Takamatsu, Chief Administrator of the Academy of Japanese Culinary Innovations and CEO of BRINGUP Okinawa.

With extensive experience in restaurants, career support, and curriculum development, she excels in customer service and restaurant guidance. Wakako holds certifications in communication skills, psychological counseling, coaching, and various culinary qualifications, making her a well-rounded leader.


Training Courses

  1. The following are EXEMPLARY COURSE OUTLINES, designed to initiate a collaborative discussion between you, the student, and us, the academy. Together, we'll design a unique training program tailored to your culinary needs and objectives, while also considering the optimal timeframe for the course.
  2. In our classes, we use a portable AI device to ensure smooth and effortless communication between our Japanese instructors and students where instructions are not only clear but also accessible in the native languages of our students.
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Yakitori Course
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General Japanese Course

Sushi Course


Duration: 20 days in 4 weeks

Class Size: 2 students

Tuition Fee per person: US$11,600 (U.S. dollars)


Day 1 - 7:

  • Learn to handle 5 types of fish
  • Practice art of sushi rolling
  • Gain expertise in sushi-rice “shari” preparation

Day 8 - 14:

  • Expand your skills by working with 10 different types of fish
  • Enhance your sushi roll molding techniques
  • Gain insights into restaurant operations

Day 15 - 20:

  • Work with 5 more types of fish
  • Create basic Japanese dishes with fish
  • Visit fish market
  • Get hands-on experience with fish aging on "Tsumoto-Method"

Yakitori Course


Duration: 15 days in 3 weeks

Class Size: 2 students

Tuition Fee per person: US$9,300 (U.S. dollars)


Day 1 - 5:

  • Master the art of chicken handling
  • Learn skewering techniques
  • Gain expertise in using a charcoal grill

Day 6 - 10:

  • Explore all 21 different parts of the chicken through cutting techniques
  • Create basic Japanese dishes using chicken
  • Attend a lecture on restaurant operations

Day 11 - 15:

  • Prepare side dishes in a restaurant setting
  • Visit to a processing facility

Ramen Course


Duration: 10 days in 2 weeks

Class Size: 2 students

Tuition Fee per person: US$8,100 (U.S. dollars)


Day 1 - 3:

  • Master the art of making Ramen broth
  • Learn to prepare clear and white soup bases
  • Create delicious roast pork
  • Perfect the seasoning for boiled eggs and Menma (seasoned bamboo shoots)

Day 4 - 7:

  • Dive deeper into Ramen with pork and beef bone broths
  • Explore seafood-based broths
  • Advance your skills and homemade pasta preparation

Day 8 - 10:

  • Attend a lecture on restaurant operations
  • Develop your own original Ramen products
  • Gain insights into Halal and herbal preparations

All-Around (General) Japanese Course

In this course, you will learn the fundamentals and applications of Japanese cuisine as a whole.


Duration: 25 days in 5 weeks

Class Size: 2 students

Tuition Fee per person: $17,400 USD (U.S. dollars)


Day 1 - 8:

  • Improve knife-handling skills
  • Learn to prepare Dashi (broth) and master basic seasonings
  • Gain expertise in sushi rice preparation

Day 9 - 17:

  • Practice art of sushi rolling
  • Handle 6 types of fish
  • Attend a lecture on restaurant operations

Day 18 - 25:

  • Craft soba noodles and sauce
  • Learn Japanese cuisine basics
  • Make traditional bento box “Shokado-Bento”

Our Advantages

Renowned Instructors with Quality Food-Materials
Portable AI Device to Support All Languages
Small-Size Class for Intimate Hands-on Learning
Personalized Carricula for Everyone and All Skill Levels

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Affiliated store 'Shuhari', operated as part of the curriculum by students Student crafting a culinary masterpiece Preparation of the pasta Niguiri preparation Niguiri preparation Niguiri preparation